Helena to Boulder MT

First, yesterday. It was super fun, and long. The first climb, up and over Huckleberry Pass was not actually much fun but I did end up in Lincoln in time for breakfast and  breakfast burrito to go.

Then there was the ridiculous push up to the Continental Divide near Stemple Pass. Griff and I did this in 2012 and I carried my trail shoes for the occasion. But, it, too, passed. The descent was awesome! Two more long climbs and downhills. Met more racers. Waited for trains to move as daylight faded. Cows.

Flat tire due to rookie mistake bombing downhill…hit a rut too hard and got pinch flat on the rest tire. Even then, no biggie… I’ve got this. Handled and into Helena via the highway after dark…blinkies and headlights blazing. Super helpful guy at the convenience store pointed out a giant yellow sign for the Lamplight Motel (my head was still looking for a Holiday Inn). Checked in, ordered from Domino’s (a first) snarfled, fell over.

That might have been near midnight, but not sure. Anyway, it was tough getting out of bed this morning. The smell of the few pieces of leftover pizza was not good. (I did eat them, though, and that was OK.)

I learned I didn’t really have any legs on the modest 7 mile climb out of Helena. Map said upcoming was some of the most challenging terrain on the route. Hmm…  I opted for the paved alternate to Clancy, Boulder, Basin, then maybe to Butte, thinking I could get some miles in if on pavement. Had the best Reuben in Clancy. Made the grind to Boulder and decided what I really needed was a nap!

Nap, laundry, dinner and breakfast to go. Feeling good.

A couple days ago I learned that my cockpit bags were hitting a little toggle switch that directs power to either my headlight OR the USB charging setup. And I hadn’t thought to check my battery, since I figured it was being charged all the time. The result is no photos from yesterday as I was directing all power on hand to navigational tools so I could find my way to Helena. I’m also running a time lapse video, but couldn’t run that either.

Stats… Yesterday
100.4 miles, Avg speed 7ish, Max speed 31
Ascent 8192, Descent 8189
Estimated calories burned 8032.
Stats, today…
37.5 miles, Avg speed 7ish, Max speed 30, ascent 3348, descent 3097.
Estimated calorie burn 3060
Looking forward to tomorrow!
Keep on pedaling.


Armadillo eggs. Farmer’s Table, Boulder MT, delicious!

Clean laundry! (tech support needed, :))