Day 2

My favorite sign… ever
Day 2

Rainy day today so taking a day to reset. By the end of yesterday my body was saying…what the heck! You’ve got to be kidding me… at every uphill. Since there are many climbs to come I figured taking a little time to make the transition couldn’t hurt.

Experienced a new record at the end of the day…rolled into Standing Stones B&B (Condon MT -highly recommended) hoping for dinner a room and was welcomed to the dinner table with food in front of me in minutes. Whoot! At dinner learned the forecast was for rain all day today. Richmond Peak is up next, one of the few legendary peaks, known for a challenging descent, so waiting a day for better weather.

Of course, racers are on the move. I saw quite a few yesterday… not the very front leaders but at least one was looking to be in the top 10 finishers. All were zooming along!


Probably won’t log daily stats but since I have them and I’ve got time and internet;

Total miles: 99.1

Time: 13 hours, 42 minutes

Moving time 10 hours 53 minutes

Started at 6 am

Avg moving speed 9.0 (from 2-29.58)

Max speed: 29.58

Estimated calories: 8370

Ascent: 6296 feet

Descent: 5548

Highest point 4890

Lowest 2912

Had a breakfast burrito at about mile 10. Several “great” ideas for work at about mile 25. Started the following “poem” to try and remember those oddball things that seem noteworthy at the time. Peak of the first long climb was about mile 55. Legs were done about mile 75.
Observations and memories

Dedicated to Griff Goehring, an amazing cyclist, life partner, dancer and overall good sport, who rode this route with me in 2012 and 2015.  (amazing!)

Each time I added a line, I recited the whole thing again to see if I could remember it. (best as semi dramatic reading with pauses… 🙂 )

Live turkey hanging out with the target turkey, full of holes

Small dead squirrel in the floating otter position

Retirees flying the model biplane in the field

Fawns crossing (a sign)

Floating fuzz

Shadow of the butterfly, fluttering

Grizzly habitat

Memory: bee behind the glasses, ouch. 2012

Hawk glides across the road

Memory: Day 2, punching through 70 downed trees, 7 miles in 6 hours. 2012


This activity faded as I rounded each bend to find, predictably but somehow still unbelievable, another climb. I’m super glad that I left the route about mile 96, cycled two miles to the highway, and landed at the Standing Rocks B&B. In addition to many large rocks, they also have a photography business with workshops and mail order supplies. Beautiful photographs everywhere!

Psyched to head out in the morning! Will try to not go stir crazy in the meantime.

Keep on pedaling,