Day 3 June 14 Condon to Ovando MT

Wow, what a great day! The storm passed and air was crisp and clear. After a long and pleasant climb to the neckline of Richmond Peak I had a dream realized…and the fun thing is I didn’t even know I had such a dream.

Five racers were paused at the high point at Richmond Peak. After comparing notes on where they were going to end up at the end of the day Ben and Scott took off and I went after them. Basically I didn’t see them for a few miles but I took that as a sign I could go all out on piloting the ship at a fast pace. It was high country single track with lots of  twists and turns…so much fun! Thor’s Hammer was a dream to pilot in those conditions. Whoot!

After that the day stayed great. I decided to camp in Ovando in part because Griff and I camped here when we rode the divide in 2012.

The day started with breakfast by Bud at Standing Stones…what great people to meet. They have a amazing darkroom setup and host old school photography workshops…so cool!

Special thanks to the folks in Ovando for great hospitality.


69.5 miles

Moving time 8:53

7.3 avg moving speed

32.3 Max speed

Max altitude 6604

Min altitude 3600

Assent 5288’

Descent 4836’