Turns out there’s a short hand phrase for the over the handlebars forward somersault I did twice a couple days ago… Endo! I’m pretty sure mine were quite graceful, with the front wheel sinking into a sand pocket, stopping the bike abruptly, and all 6’6″ of me taking off over the front bars, head tucked, lightly landing on helmet and right shoulder before completing the roll onto the right side. Once wasn’t enough for me… I repeated the move again about 15 minutes later.

I was about 5 miles north of Savery WY. with four other riders just ahead, on a long descent. I missed that the road had sand pockets until it was too late. Might have been this stretch of road…

The super short version is that the people associated with the Savery Museum are amazing, I was checked out by EMTs at the museum, I received a ride to Steamboat Springs, about 90 miles, spent from 10pm – 4pm  at the hospital, and have a cracked rib and lacerated kidney. Both are expected to heal but I’m pretty sore for now.

The ride is over and I’m making my way to Tucson. My bike is more or less fine, with some front end repair needed.

I know from experience that often the story is remembered by the simple unexpected or dramatic ending, like when I got sick when Griff and I were riding the Divide in 2012. This trip I had a very compelling story present itself to me during an extraordinarily challenging day. I’ve been moving pretty fast the last few days and I haven’t written it up yet. My sense is that it’s more of a keynote address than a trip highlight. Anyway, I’ll be working on it…working title:  Union Pass alternative route, grappling with disruptive change, mud, snow and extreme vertical ascent. (emphasis on «working«) with a possible sub title: Be careful about what you measure. (or some such gripping line abiut the risks of relying on a few standard measurements).

I’ll circle back around and write a few notes of appreciation for the riders I had the privilege to ride with since Polaris… Rick, Marty, Bobby, Jerry, Phillipe and Massimo. What a pleasure it was!

Keep on pedaling,