Photos: El Malpais National Monument to Pie Town:

After being dropped off at the Wal-Mart in Grants, second breakfast at Denny’s we rode out into the El Malpais National Monument, so named due to LOTS of lava strewn about. Great ride to the Joe Skeen BLM campground where we first experienced under-ramada tenting. Nice timing… a semi-big storm rumbled through and we enjoyed most of it without the rain fly on the tent. The next morning we enjoyed a paved ride through the park. Super great ride! Wonderfulness was interrupted for a 1/2 houe or so when the trailer broke and was miraculously fixed (separate post coming soon). Next decision point came about 1pm as we watch big storms to the left, right and center, all in the direction of Pie Town, our destination ~30 miles away. Great decision: wait ’til morning! We camped 1.5 off the main road at the trailhead to Armijo Canyon. On our walk/ride to the trailhead we saw some great and big paw prints! As we were setting up a camp we were surprised to see a car bumping up the trail toward us… a young woman and her five dogs arrived for some outdoor time together!

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