Photos: In and around Abiquiu and Youngsville NM

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We had a planned rest day in Abiquiu, stayed at the Abiquiu Inn, toured Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio, ate lots of good food. The next day we rode 15.5 miles to the base of what is touted as the toughest 15 mile on route due to grade and road conditions. On the way, we crossed paths with Eddie and Grace who were slowly making their way in the same direction in a ranch truck pulling a long trailer carrying a farm tractor. What a surprise to see them coming up the hill behind us! After consideration of our options, we gratefully accepted an offer of a ride back to their ranch, a stay at their guest house and two days later a ride from Cuba to Grants (~120 miles). The Cuba to Grants section was not high on our list for several reasons so this was all really really good for us.