Photos: Pie Town

It’s true: we stopped at Pie Town, NM and it was good. There’s a house there called the Toaster House, owned and maintained by Nita since the mid-1950s. At some point, she noticed a backpacker walking by and asked what was up… turns out the Toaster House is on route for several cross country trails. Now Nita keeps it stocked with food and drink for those passing by. What a treat! We met a couple racers who spent the night there too. And there were kittens. What’s not to love? A journal entry by a racer who passed us a couple days earlier got us to thinking about our next steps… he left Toaster House, pedaled for 3 hours, hit muddy muck, doubled back and opted for a paved alternative. Sounded good to us so from Pie Town we headed to Datil and on to Reserve. Great riding all!

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