Polaris to Lima MT

Dramatic shift from wet and cold to hot and dry. No shade most of the day. A few spectacular reveals of snow covered high mountain ridges. Rode with a few racers for a short time…that was fun.

The time lapse video I’m experimenting with looks promising (1 frame every 2 seconds).

A shout out to Tim and Barb at Brattleboro Bikes. They’ve built my bike over the years since 2011. Today it just ate up the tettain. The moderate grades were a great match for it and me. 🙂


98.4 miles

10:12 hours

Avg speed 9.63

Max speed 29.51

Ascent 4330′

Descent 4560′

Estimated calorie burn 5643

Photos (just don’t capture it with printing huge, but here a couple)