update from Rawlins WY

Taking a rest day in Rawlins WY. Cleaned the bikes, stocked up on groceries, etc. The hotel we’re staying at has a computer from the dark ages for guest use so no chance to upload photos or to try again to upload videos.

Montana riding was great. High country, big sky. Nipped Idaho and had some nice riding along the Tetons. Lots of climbing as usual. Moved into Wyoming and watched the trees disappear, the grass and sagebrush get shorter and shorter. Lots of pronghorn antelope running around. Four raced along aside and cut in front about 30 yards ahead of me… that was fun. Wild horses gave us a nice show yesterday as the galloped ahead and across the road. Very hot, very dry, windy.

Camping has been most excellent, with the past several sites in primitive settings next to a stream or pond. Watched a momma and baby antelope from our tent.

Leaving Wyoming soon, heading to Colorado. Lots more pedaling to come!

Having a great time even when it’s hard!

Keep on pedaling,