Wise River to Polaris MT

Had a great and long ride yesterday with the highlight being the descent from the CD crossing south of Butte. They don’t call it Big Sky country for nothing.

My goal was to get to Wise River by nightfall (OR in time for dinner and a room). That meant I had to skip the legendary Mt Fleecer, which made me a little sad but also felt good about the choice. (There’s always next time!)

When I made the last turn with 12 miles to go I realized I hadn’t factored the headwind into the plan. Oops. I stopped a few houses from the intersection for a snack and after a few minutes the nicest woman of all time came out to greet me and invite me into her shade. We had a great chat, I had the boost I needed to get on up the road.

This morning I was psyched for a long day but decided to relax and warm up after the first segment, Wise River to Polaris.

Ironically, my goal in setting out was to stay warm as I’ve been a bit chilled in the mornings. The 30 mile climb came with overcast skies and a heavy drizzle. I was soaked from climbing and from the rain. When I got to the very lovely Montana High Country lodge I decided to have lunch and crawl under the covers for a warm nap.

Russ and Karen Kipp model hospitality and it’s a treat to be in their place.

Tomorrow the terrain starts to spread out a bit, with some of my favorite sections coming up. Hoping another rest will set me up for some long runs.

Stats yesterday

13:21 hours

88.4 miles

6.61 avg speed

32.06 Max speed

Ascent: 5174

Descent: 4637

Estimated calorie burn 7471


Stats today

5 hours

38 miles

7.44 avg speed

32.96 Max speed

Ascent 2713

Descent 1916

Calories 2738